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Hossein Khatiri

Chief Executive Officer

I have always wanted to be a great person in my life and do the important things in my life. For example, at the time when I made my airplane at the age of nine, with a pasta, I put an armchair on it and made its blade with wood and use my toy car wheels as airplane wheels and use a battery to fly like a plane flying forward, in addition to not flying, it didn’t go forward. I was very disappointed, I said, "No, I'm not the one that I can do”.

But I tried again, this time it was much more than that pasta structure and I passed the most difficult entrance exam in my country to study in Mechanical Engineering at the Sharif University of Technology.

Amin Seyedzadeh

Chief Technology Officer

My story began in a corner of Asia... Tehran, Iran From my childhood, I was interested in discovering the world around and understanding how nature works. During puberty, and simultaneously with mental and philosophical conflicts, I became acquainted with cosmology by reading Steven Hawking's books. I also followed biology, and especially the law of evolution, with great enthusiasm.

Now, after a few years, my level of expectation has gone up and now I'm trying to get the "discoverer" up to the "creator"...! What is more appropriate than artificial intelligence and robotics? I believe that AI will be the next stage in the evolution of intelligent beings on Earth.

Ghazal Kazemi

Chief Business Development Officer

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We want to reduce the distance between humans so that all human beings will reach a common language. We design interactive scenario to learn english easier and faster.